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Hello from Professor James

Aloha friends and neighbors! I am an experienced electronic design and repair engineer, previously operating my repair service in Maui Hawaii, Waimea on the Big Island, and in Nuku'alofa Tonga. I have done warranty repair work for Roland, Yamaha, and other music manufacturers. I designed many products for 360 Systems, midimix, and the WED division of Disney. I can design and manufacture your high technology project, or simply consult with you on a design using off-the-shelf products. I have been a college professor starting in 1990, teaching at 10 universities in Oregon, Indiana, Arizona, California, New York, Hawaii, and The Kingdom of Tonga. I have a special affinity for teaching piano classes for children. Please visit my Piano Class for Kids! website for more information. I have been teaching classes in the East Bay since 2015.

Do you need electronic design consulting?

I have worked in digital and analog circuit design since 1973. My specialty is in music products, but I have also worked in many other areas. I am especially comfortable working across the hardware/software divide and across the analog/digital divide. I can write for embedded processors and have developed special techniques of optimization to squeeze high performance from low cost components. I have assisted many customers in putting together home computer systems and especially home music / home theater systems. I don't install home systems but if you want to do it yourself I can give you the answers you need to make an outstanding system while saving money.

Do you need technical training?

The field of music technology has advanced well beyond anyone's expectations just a few decades ago! Without doubt the advance of personal computers has played a significant role in that. If you have stepped into the field and are overwhelmed, don't be discouraged. I have assisted many musicians and music studios with personalized consulting. My personal focus is upon using freeware and low cost laptops (low cost does not mean obsolete cyber-junk!) with which anyone can achieve professional quality results at home. I am familiar with those products from Cupertino and Burlington too.

Professor James

Engineering studies at UCLA and Purdue

Indiana University BGS Magna Cum Laude

Indiana University MMA Jazz Piano

Indiana University Ed.S Music Education


Recommended Products

Yamaha Piaggero Electronic Piano Products

Asus Zbook and Pro-Art Laptops

Ready to take the first steps"

For piano class, go to Piano Class for Kids!. For consulting and repair e-mail me at midibim.fremont@gmail.com Our new location is in Irvington, offering sales and repair of electronic piano keyboards. We have lots of parking available in back of the building. Find us at: 3909 Washington Blvd Suite 205, Fremont CA 94538 in the Irvington area.